Enter motherhood with the comfort and support you deserve 

When you’re pregnant, your body changes right before your eyes. You snap cute pics of your bump, shimmy into your maternity pants and don’t really think too much about your undergarments – except how uncomfortable they are. 

But hey, the 9 months you spend growing your human, you expect a few changes as your body stretches to accommodate them! 

What you don’t expect? All the changes after you give birth. 

Now, those once-too-tight maternity pants are too big, your body – and your undergarments – are all stretched out and everything is uncomfortable. 

And since you’ve got precious cargo in one hand, you’ve only got one other to keep pulling up that scratchy mesh underwear from the hospital. 

Before I started Rose Maternity Co., I had just experienced this for the fourth time. I thought to myself, “There’s gotta be a better way.” 


Britnee Wheeler 

I’m Britnee, a military wife, mother of five and founder of Rose Maternity Co. where we provide soft, comfortable and stylish undergarments for moms-to-be and new mamas who want to feel fully supported even as their bodies change. 

After experiencing five pregnancies while balancing corporate HR leadership roles and supporting the family during deployments, my days ran together - I was exhausted! I needed a better way to recover from child birth to meet the demands of my busy life.

So, when I couldn’t find an undergarment to support my body the way I needed, I made my own.
Thus, Rose Maternity Co. was born.


To provide expectant mothers with the maternity and postpartum products
they need to feel safe and supported through
pregnancy and motherhood.